Why Interns Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

The hardest thing for any business owner is to capture content. There are constant stresses and pressures—managing a staff, building an inventory, maintaining financial sustainability, and casting vision—all the while, dealing with the myriad of obstacles that arise on a daily basis. And then, add in a pandemic, where COVID-19 has interrupted the yearly plans and normal business model, and it seems like the last priority on a long list of necessary issues to attend to is to take pictures and post them on Facebook and Instagram.

At the same time, for those of you who are less tech savvy and plugged into the ever-changing digital world, the whole idea of keeping up and connected feels like an overwhelming task. Insert the intern—the student, the Gen Zer, the digital native, someone who can turn something sour into something sweet. Born into a world where everything is digital, the intern can provide an answer to both the generational gap and economic austerity that you might face during this season.

When it comes to capturing content, the intern provides the most cost-effective way to push your business to the next level while removing any of the common barriers to bringing on someone new like training, experience, and fiscal capability. There is a low level of risk, as internships are temporary and bear little to no cost, while offering the possibility for growth in your business’ social presence and your staff’s understanding of social media.

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The intern is ready-made. Their level of comfort and expertise on social platforms could bring a new digital experience and mindset that could enrich and excite your social audience in ways that haven’t been done before. At the same time, there isn’t a training manual necessary for them—they know what consumable content looks like and are experts at creating this type of content.

The intern is ready to be unleashed. Their schedule is a blank slate and needs to be filled with relevant, not menial, tasks, and as the world moves further and further into a life lived out digitally, there is nothing more relevant and strategic than putting your business in a long-term position to be where the eyes of the population will be in the foreseeable future. Tasking your intern to capture content will keep your intern engaged while also exciting them with a project that they can really run with. Additionally, excitement is contagious and their enthusiasm, knowledge, and ability to educate could lead your staff to embrace and engage online platforms like never before.

The intern is ready to be a connector. Their peer group is the group that will be your next generation of customers. They come with a consortium of friends, followers, and connections that could link your business with a deeper pool of social engagers. Leveraging their knowledge of trends, branding, and generational insight will keep your business ahead of the curve and better positioned to continually push the boundaries to reach a younger audience.

The intern could be your saving grace during this time of uncertainty. Without the cost associated with a full or part-time employee and the built-in expertise of the digital world, interns are a great asset for future growth and competitiveness within your market.